Introducing Tech Data’s New Cloud Quadrant Model


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13 Apr 18 Author: David Newbould

Tech Data Cloud Solutions has been working with partners to help develop your cloud practices for a number of years and during this time, the possibilities and opportunities around cloud have developed significantly. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and customer demand and expectations are also rapidly changing.

We’ve continued to adapt and develop our technology partnerships, cloud solutions and support services to ensure that by working with Tech Data, you are in the perfect position to build a successful cloud practice – accessing, mastering and powering the cloud to support your customers’ needs into the future.

Addressing your pain points

Tech Data Cloud Solutions has listened to your pain points and challenges - from addressing the most complex business needs, to delivering the most simple technology-led solutions.

As a result, we’ve gained a huge level of insight and clarity into how we can better support our Cloud Solution Partners – whether it’s providing new packaged solutions, helping you to overcome knowledge or skills gaps, or transforming your business model in support of customers’ changing needs.

How we’ve adapted our Cloud Solutions

Tech Data has developed the following solutions and services to help you to deliver against these needs:

CHALLENGE 1: Need commoditised technology, delivered at speed
SOLUTION: Tech Data is delivering advanced capabilities, including;

  • Solution design – footprint expansion
  • L1 / L2 Support
  • MSP Automation
  • White Label Services (e.g. marketplace-as-a-service)

CHALLENGE 2: Need to meet primary and short-term requirements
SOLUTION: Tech Data Cloud Solutions has focused on;

  • Marketplace and operational automation
  • Marketing reach
  • Broad portfolio and ecosystem
  • Partner sales enablement

CHALLENGE 3: Need to develop and deliver consultative, advanced solutions
SOLUTION: Tech Data Cloud Solutions has introduced;

  • White label services
  • Consumption based automation
  • MSP services and automation
  • L1 and L2 Support
  • Partner technical enablement
  • Technical expertise and services:
    • Hybrid solutions
    • Datacentre modernisation
    • Workload migration
    • Infrastructure management

CHALLENGE 4: Need to develop expert specialist practice areas
SOLUTION: Tech Data Cloud Solutions has introduced new solutions and services including;

  • Technology expertise
  • Vertical specialisation
  • Project management approach
  • Deep consultancy

Tech Data’s new Cloud Quadrant Model

As a result of all the investment in continuing to help Tech Data partners develop world-class cloud practices, we are now pleased to introduce our new Cloud Quadrant model. This new representation of the Tech Data Cloud Solutions portfolio is aimed at making it easier for partners to find and access the solutions and services needed to support any customer project – whatever the size and sophistication of your current cloud practice.

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What should you be selling?

The IT Practice Quadrant includes solutions from the following Tech Data Vendor Partners:

Tech Data Vendor Partners

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