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Cloud 101
Take advantage of our library of cloud enablement materials, including:
  • Virtual Webinar (instructor-led or self-paced)
  • Training Materials
    • Cloud Introduction
    • Cloud Definitions
    • Business Impact
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Tech Data Cloud Academy
  • Single training platform powered by Tech Data
  • Self-paced web-based training – including gamification
  • Track your progress, collect badges and manage views
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Cloud Assessment
Interested in cloud, but not sure how to get started? Our Cloud Assessment will help you identify:
  • What changes you need
  • Existing capabilities
  • Required roles, processes and technologies
  • Gap analysis
  • Basis for your business plan
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Cloud Workshops
Partake in our one day and 4-day cloud workshops, where we’ll assist you in developing your cloud audit. Workshops are available with multiple partners or single partner on-premises.

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Vendor Training
Our vendor training modules include:
  • Guiding on training options
  • Continuous updates
  • Technical and commercial options
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